Crystal Lake Real Estate

Home sales ticked up to 65 homes sold over the last 30 days, providing a lift to the Crystal Lake market. That may continue, due to a three-week upward trend for contracts, with 120 in the same time frame. All indications show that the trend may be coming to an end, meaning less pending transactions over the next few weeks. As contracts trended higher, the median sales price climbed with it, trending upwards for eight weeks to reach $138,500. The rising prices and contracts, coupled with a low three months of inventory available, point to Crystal Lake being a seller’s market.

If there is no limit to how much you want to spend, take a look at these lavish homes in Crystal Lake:

$799K $625K $599K 

With the number of pending transactions trending up, it could mean an increase of competition in the market. Get started right now by checking out Crystal Lake homes for sale or reviewing Crystal Lake real estate trends.



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